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18 July 2013

The World In Which We Live

#TreyvonMartin #Snowden #WinterOlympics #Russia #NAACP #RollingStone

I've been watching the news just like everyone else. But unlike everyone else, I am disgusted by what I am seeing. I am disgusted by the fact that the American people have become such a whiny "don't say that, you'll hurt my feelings" type of community. I am disgusted by the fact that the Black community has the #NAACP and the #Jesse Jacksons to support them in their pursuit of equal rights, yet they do nothing to lead the world to believe that they have overcome something that happened prior to 1862. The #Jewish community still holds the holocaust close to their hearts, but from what I can tell, they have persevered. The #Japanese community was imprisoned here, in their own country, yet they have strived to overcome.
So would someone please tell me what is wrong with everyone else? Why is it that we have become so sensitive to EVERYTHING that we cannot function as a normal, and I use that word loosely, country. We don't want a magazine to publish an article about a bomber. But yet it was okay for the SAME magazine, in 1970, to publish an article about a MURDERER. I understand why. Though, I think that boycotting an ARTICLE in a MAGAZINE is a little much. If you don't want to read the article, don't buy the magazine. No one is saying, "Read this, or I will kill you." Or something stupid like that. You have that right to  choose what you read and look at. I do not believe that #Rolling Stone is sensationalizing anything. I would like to believe that it is just another article to read about how this type of thing can happen SO close to home. I would like to believe that it is the American people who have a hard time grasping that concept.
Why is it that when a woman defends herself against her ex-husband, whom she had a restraining order against, she is sentenced to twenty years in prison? Maybe because she is Black? I don't know. Why is it that if a White man shoots a Black man (or sixteen year old, as the case may be; #Zimmerman) and said man gets acquitted, the Black community becomes violent? Why, when a Black man shoots a White man, NOTHING HAPPENS? There's no national news about it. There's nothing. Is it because things like that are EXPECTED and ACCEPTED??
"Oh another white man got shot and killed by a black man. It happens." What kind of nonsensical bullshit is that?
And what is up with the government telling Russia that we are going to boycott the Winter Olympics if they give #Snowden asylum? Seriously?? That just blows my mind. Giving into consideration that A) Snowden did what he felt was right and that B) the #United States got their panties in a bunch because of it, doesn't make it right to boycott anything. The US Government needs to get its head out of its ass and deal with what is going on. They also need to give into consideration all the Russians (and others) they have granted asylum to.
In the mean time, everyone just needs to relax. I completely understand that we are ALL very sensitive to the happenings of the world. We need to stand up and be responsible for who we are as Americans. We need to OVERCOME. If you don't like what the media is portraying, don't watch the news. If you don't like an article in the newspaper, don't boycott them, just don't read that article. The answers are so simple. Don't watch or read something and then feel it is YOUR RIGHT to act like a fool or a spoiled brat because YOU don't agree with it. I don't agree with the media sensationalizing EVERY SINGLE crime and then wonder, "Why is the crime rate rising?" Geez, maybe because everyone wants their 15 minutes and maybe, just maybe, it's in their head that this is the only thing they know to do to become famous! 
But you see, this is what the American people want. If it wasn't, then why are there so many reality shows of people treating other people like shit or acting like God's gift? If you don't like racism, don't act racist. If you don't condone murder, don't kill someone to prove that point. If you are pro-life, BE pro-life. If you are pro-choice, do not judge people for their CHOICES.
"You should fear punishment yourselves, for your attitude deserves punishment. Then you will know that there is indeed a judgment.”
Job 19:29

22 August 2011

Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin

So I've been thinking about this for a while now. Thinking about how people are hypocritical and speak with a forked tongue.

Growing up, I went to many different private schools. From Baptist to Lutheran to non-denominational, religion was something that was instilled in me. It was something that I learned from many different aspects. They all taught me one thing though, that even though someone may do something you don't like or if someone does something to hurt you, you can dislike the action, but to keep loving the person.

Now I gather that it didn't mean to let people push you around or to continually let others take advantage of you. I am sure that this rule allows you to create distance from a person who is hurting you, but yet to forgive them. I have also heard the term "forgive and forget" but I don't see how forgetting that something happened is an important part of moving on in your life. There are quite a few people I have forgiven in my life, but I will never forget how they treated me. However, I don't let what happened rule over my life. I don't let it weigh my heart down with hate. My life is not necessarily harmonious, but my life is mine.

My point is this. If someone wronged you or did something to you, accept that it happened and, if you can stop that person from harming another, then do it. Teach those around you to defend themselves against people who deliberately harm others. Teach your children to be aware of their surroundings. Don't instill your fear into their lives. Children need to be children.

And one more thing. Teach your children to love unconditionally. They watch your every move and they see things and pick up on these actions. If you speak nicely in front of them and then turn your head and spew insults and such, they will learn from this and think it is okay. My mother always told me never to say anything if I didn't have anything nice to say. Growing up, it's a hard thing to accomplish. As an adult, I have learned that you really do catch more bees with honey than you do with vinegar.

18 August 2011

Downsizing America

I work in a town that is strictly seasonal. No joke. Summer months there is no work because there is no one around. All of the snowbirds come down during September/October and stay until May, or around there.

The thing is, there are still many residents and people like me (who work in the town) that need customer service people to help them with their needs. But it seems that no matter where you go, your cell provider or the grocery store or even where I work, corporations are downsizing. Which then causes a drop in the ability for the company to properly give GOOD customer service.

I would like to point out that many of these corporations are bringing in millions of dollars in profit (that is money after all the bills and employees have been paid) and yet they bigwigs can't seem to get their heads out of their asses long enough to see that down at the store level, they are truly suffering. I am sure that the CEOs of these large companies have made quite a few dollars over the time they have been gainfully employed and have a lot of money saved, so why is it that the consumer has to suffer?

I believe that it is because men have become greedy in the course of time and don't know how to part with their precious dollar. Even in this time where the American people are in a crunch, the top five oil companies announced that they made $36 billion (with a B) in profits just for the second quarter (as posted in today's edition of the Huff Post Internet Newspaper - The homeless rate and unemployment rate has skyrocketed across the nation and these pinhead assholes are eating caviar and Filet Mignon without blinking an eye.

Forgive me if I seem a little perturbed. The company I work for just made management cut 175 hours because our sales were down. Okay. But why am I so freaking busy EVERY DAY that I work? Because there are only FOUR people working, including management. Look, I don't want to eat caviar and Filet Mignon everyday, but I would love to be able to pay my bills on time and not worry if I am going to be able to afford to put gas in my car the next time I have to work.

So with this on your mind for the next few minutes, why not stand up for what is right? I know that one person cannot make a difference, but I can plant the seed. All I am saying is to take a look around you. Open your eyes. SEE what is happening. STOP being so damned apathetic and STOP telling yourself that it can't happen to you. Because one day it might and then where will you be? 

17 August 2011

Thinking Inside the Box

I'm sure that you all have been quite worried about me. I know that it has been a few years since my last post. I've been on a learning spree. Learning exactly what life is all about and how to take a fall without crying like a baby for my mommy. And so I have learned how to do it, now I have to learn how to implement it on a daily basis. That's the hard part.

Life is not about to stop for you if things get rough. It will keep on going until you get yourself up off the floor, dust yourself off and put yourself back in the ring. It is how we learn to persevere and improve upon our daily living. It is what makes us who we are. It builds character. Which brings me to a point I have been dying to make for a while.

What is going on in the world and the way we live our lives? Why is it that we have become so self centered and apathetic that our neighbor is more of an enemy than a friend? And what happened to us that our friends turn their backs on us more and more often, rather than be empathetic or even sympathetic to the goings on in our lives?

People today don't care anymore. People today only care about themselves and how they can be better than the next person, no matter who they step on or whose feelings get crushed in the process. We have become a society of naysayers and literalists who believe that if someone thinks differently, then they are wrong. We persecute and point fingers and insist that anyone thinking outside the box should be condemned.

We tell people they are wrong without thinking things through. What would happen if someone came up to you and said that everything you knew was wrong? Would you become offended? Would you defend your beliefs and feelings and thought processes? Sure you would. Would you become so enraged that you would kill for your beliefs? Maybe. The way people have become so self preserving just might lead one to kill for their beliefs. In fact, it has. It has led us to do things that I (personally) never thought people would or could do.

Why have we become such a violent nation of people? Why are we so engulfed with ourselves that others suffer for it? Whatever happened to love thy neighbor or the golden rule? Or do we really enjoy being treated like the animals we act like?

I don't know about you, but I am definitely in favor of being treated like a human being. I want to be treated the way I treat everyone else; with respect. I try to live by the golden rule, to treat others as I would want them to treat me. Though I am sure that will never happen.

Food for thought...

15 November 2007

Cruel and Unusual Punishment?!?!

Ok. So I have a serious bone to pick with the Supreme Court.

It's okay for a man to kidnap, bind and RAPE an 11 year old boy and then stuff him into a footlocker to DIE (where upon he did), but it's NOT okay for the bastard who did this to be put to death by lethal injection because it's cruel and unusual punishment?

Because what he did to that little boy doesn't warrant death? Because it might HURT to die by lethal injection? Last time I checked, being bound and sodomized constitutes as cruel and unusual punishment.

Who gives a flying rat's ass if it will hurt to be killed like that. What about the boy? What about what he DID to the boy? What about the boy's family??

Is there no justice anymore? Since when did people convicted of a felony suddenly have rights anyway? I understand "the right to an attorney" blah blah and so forth. I get it. I am not a moron. But this creature, this so called MAN, who preyed upon a CHILD and did the things he did should have NO RIGHT to say, "It violates my rights to be put to death by lethal injection because it is CRUEL AND UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT".

Give me a freakin' break.

18 August 2007

Wow.. it's almost like it's the first time....

I know why I am up at this hour... But why is not of your concern...

a little twisting of the arm...

OK. I'll tell you. My husband is drunk. And I don't mean just merely intoxicated. I mean hammered, plastered and above all else, praising the porcelain god. It's something else I tell you. I've dealt with it before, but somehow this is... er, how do you say, special? I guess it is because he is my husband. Before, he was my boyfriend, then my fiance, now, I guess, he actually belongs to me and I absolutely MUST take care of him, else.... well....

I wouldn't want something bad to happen to him I suppose.

I think he has finally fallen to slumber. I will go to bed myself.

Boy, I can't wait for that cup o' joe in the morning.

07 August 2007

And while we're on the subject...

No really, I think it IS Paul Reubens!!!

Ahhhhh - From the Wonderful World of Disney - How sweet!

It might be a bit long... if only they had this when I was in school! Maybe I would have learned to cope better!

The Menstruation Story

28 June 2007

It's called freedom of speech

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

Someone, somewhere doesn't understand what this means.

The people who made this movie do.
Watch it if you get a chance.

22 June 2007

And from out of the seriousness came...

...these few funnies. Unlike some sour pusses, I like to have a good laugh now and then.
I hope you enjoy these as much as I did.



And last but not least...

(Some of the content in this last short may be offensive - so if you don't like it, cover your eyes)